Coaching & Training

Providing a guiding hand

Coaching and training empowers the people in your business to generate as much benefit as they can from the systems we install.

Over the years it has become clear to us that often when customers come to us asking for software, what they really need is both the software and the skills needed to use it well.

Coaching and training can align these two aspects (skills and software) with your business objectives. By doing this we have seen customers experience dramatic results.

It is important to us that we provide you a tailored curriculum that will leave you well placed to succeed. By using your own data and software when teaching you, you receive the specific instruction you requite. This hands-on method ensures that you will have the practical experience to successfully operate your software in the future.

Ultimately, we aim to teach you how to apply a high level of business acumen to our software, so that you can unleash its potential.

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  • Performance driven goal setting and measurement
  • Using your customer data to better understand your customer’s needs
  • Distributed knowledge for innovation
  • Strategy generation
  • Content development and execution
  • There is a measurement of success
  • A range of analysis techniques to gain insights into data
  • Sales team design
  • Improving sales team effectiveness
  • Sales and workforce planning and implementation
  • Sales compensation
  • Customer insights
  • Pipeline strategy
  • Sales Meeting
  • Coaching Your Sales Team
  • Leading vs managing
  • Increase business from your customers
  • Key Account Management
  • Understand how not to lose opportunity
  • Customer Targeting
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Gauging relationship strength with you customer
  • Plan and run strategic activity
  • Customers buying and decision process
  • Understanding the process customers go through to make a buying decisions
  • Gain a clear understanding of key sales concepts and a sales process
  • Managing Account Sales when competitors are involved
  • Apply sales skills in customer conversations
  • Building referral networks
  • Strategize your activities to improve ROI with your time.
  • Important v Pressing
  • Efficient v Effective
  • Process v Outcome
  • Solve problem v Create alternative
  • Insight into minimizing less valuable work or interactions
  • Understanding what is taking up your time

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Problems that we solve

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