Streamline with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help shed light on some of the key aspects of a business, including marketing, sales funnels, ordering, jobs management, account management, tech support, and customer care.

CRM tools are powerful as the have the potential to improve business processes, increase your team’s ROI on time, and generally improve profitability.

That being said, the key in successfully using these tools is in how intelligently you implement them, and how you use the resulting analytics.

Lumen brings over 20 years experience to our CRM service. We work with all kinds of businesses – one-man bands to NZX/ASX companies.

The length of our operation and breadth of our work has allowed us to become experts in implementing CRM solutions in New Zealand.

Once we understand your specific business needs we can choose a software platform that suits.

We can work with a range of CRM software, including:

Lumen can also incorporate a range of accompanying software into your solution, such as: live chat, help desk, ticketing systems, surveys system, job costing, time management, and project management, booking systems, workflow management, and document management systems.

We are unique in that we provide both CRM strategy and software. Your CRM strategy is the overall plan of what you are trying to achieve, whereas your CRM software are the tools that will allow you to achieve this. We combine the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to ensure the software achieves your business objectives.

With a proven track record of successful CRM implementations you can be assured you will receive a sound strategy, seamless implementation, and software that fits your business’s needs.

A sample of the key benefits of CRM:

  • Customer knowledge is retained and centralized, allowing for easier transitions and collaborations between sales reps.
  • Better customer service and account management leading to higher customer retention
  • Intelligently prioritizing the sales teams time leading to increased revenue, reduction of lost sales and a faster sales cycle
  • Automating day-to-day activities so you can increase operations efficiency
  • Increased visibility of sales process which can inform better decision making
  • Increased multi-channel connection with your customer

Ideal CRM Customer

If your business is looking to find productivity increase that drive revenue growth then Lumen can help you.  Click here to learn about whether you would benefit from our services.