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Premiere national brands differentiate themselves with customer satisfaction and service that only they can fulfil and Orbit House of Travel is New Zealand’s premiere corporate travel consultant company. Corporate customers have sky high expectations for premiere brands, and it’s imperative that they are at the cutting edge of customer service in the 21st century. This unique challenge is now constantly being presented to businesses, and those who can adapt effectively are the ones who are succeeding.

In 20 years, Orbit has become New Zealand’s go to corporate travel consultancy company, however to ensure they both maintain their customer base and grow, they needed to completely re-imagine their approach to keep up with customer expectations. Orbit needed both a business process update that is relevant to the modern era, and the technical infrastructure to support the new approach Orbit desired to take. With both sustainability and customer satisfaction being the core of Orbit’s core mission.

In this case study we’re going to talk about how Lumen with Zoho helped Orbit create unrivalled corporate customer experience outcomes. Where Lumen helped Orbit create a 360 degree view of the customer and transition to an omni-channel customer approach. Moving from an on-premises Microsoft-based system, to a completely cloud-based and an all-in-one integrated solution. While automating all monotonous tasks that Orbit required with a very rapid implementation speed. Drastically reducing their IT costs, while improving reliability and performance, while radically improving both customer experience and employee experience.

Orbit and Lumen collaboratively restructured the business in a short period of time, with the guiding principles of Orbit’s customer being the most important. Utilizing the power of software we have completely transformed the experience for Orbit customers, building on and maintaining the brand of New Zealand’s premiere travel consultancy business.

“People don’t understand that’s the magic. Going in that direction isn’t a criticism. Orbit completely changed it’s method of servicing the customer and maintaining relationships with the customer. As a direct result of this rapid implementation process.”

– Mike Rennie, CTO of Orbit Wellington on Lumen and Zoho.

“If Orbit had gone with another implementor, it would have been a 12 month project. They wouldn’t have been ready or time to train the staff. Especially with covid. The value of speed is you never know what’s around the corner. You don’t have time to go through meetings and meetings, you have to lock them in. Outcome and result, that’s what’s important. ”

– Mike Rennie

CTO of Orbit Wellington


The project entailed six core objectives:

  1. Rapidly transforming legacy systems to the cloud.
  2. Minimizing the disruption to the business during transition.
  3. Creating complete visibility over the customer.
  4. Creating an omni-channel experience for the customer.
  5. Improving security by streamlining data integration.
  6. Helping Orbit’s core sustainable corporate travel goals.

“As a company we didn’t have any experience with CRM or helpdesk software. Completely old fashioned approach to customer service management.”

– Mike Rennie CTO of Orbit Wellington

Transitioning a business such as Orbit into the online experience presented unique challenges for us. Like many premiere legacy companies Orbit was a completely an on premises Microsoft based system. We completely restructured the IT side of Orbit from the ground up, Lumen helped Orbit to move them to the cloud seamlessly.

As customer knowledge is the core of Orbit’s business, Lumen installed Zoho CRM for them as the core of the customer knowledge as the engine to drive the business from. As Orbit requires instant customer feedback and reaction, we also completely reinvigorated their helpdesk software using Zoho Desk.

Previously each sales manager focused on their own individual accounts where information existed on an island. There was a limited knowledge base and things were kept on a K drive, forcing employees to go and check files individually. Lumen helped Orbit take all those documents and sort out where everything needed to go. Which parts needed to go to desk, and which parts needed to go to the CRM and the account management systems.

Lumen changed Orbit’s focus from an outlook and email based system, to a CRM and Desk based system. This changed the mentality and the processes entirely. The key here is that the software isn’t the most important factor, but the quantum leap in changing the business process.

As they started using both Zoho CRM and Desk, they then understood the power of Zoho and it’s integrated Zoho One features. Within a few months we had integrated Zoho mail, Zoho WorkDrive (File storage), Zoho Connect (Facebook Group), Zoho Learn (Wiki), Zoho Projects (Project management) and Zoho Cliq (Discussion software like Slack), has now also replaced Microsoft teams.

By doing this entire software stack implementation, Lumen was able to help them into the 21st century with Zoho and Lumen development infrastructure. Lumen was able to complete the full implementation of Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk within 4 weeks with the training fully done. As Lumen’s development team was able to take all of Orbit’s legacy data and transition it seamlessly to the cloud for Orbit. This rapid implementation saved Orbit completely during Covid.

Lumen synthesized Orbit’s business process for their knowledge base, went and built their modules and restructured the business using Zoho at lighting fast speed. While transferring knowledge to Orbit allowing them to be self-sufficient now.

If Orbit had gone with another implementor, it would have been a 12 month project. They wouldn’t have been ready or time to train the staff. Especially with covid. The value of speed is you never know what’s around the corner. You don’t have time to go through meetings and meetings, you have to lock them in. Outcome and result, that’s what’s important. ”

– Mike Rennie

CTO of Orbit Wellington

One of the most important challenges that large legacy companies face when implementing new software is major disruption to their core business function during the transition and training period to the new system. This is where many new systems fail for many companies, is during the implementation the long development time and the disruption they can cause a business can cause resentment and misuse from employees.

One of the things Lumen and Zoho excelled at with the Orbit implementation was the minimization to existing operations during the transition period. Together with Orbit, we prepared well and executed at extremely rapid speed, with everything being handled by Lumen in the back end efficiently, what that meant was when it came time to move from their legacy Microsoft systems to their new Zoho system. It was a smooth and seamless transition with almost no disruption to their business.

This is an extremely under appreciated aspect of enterprise software implementations, which Lumen specializes and excels at due to our deep understanding of BPM (Business process management) and our API technical prowess.

“Completely changed the structure of the business and teamwork. They saw the advantage to the customer, when the knowledge doesn’t exist on an island, when they need something other people can help them”

– Mike Rennie CTO of Orbit Wellington

Prior to Lumen, Orbit operated with each sales manager focused on their own individual accounts where information existed on an island. There was a limited and dispersed knowledge base, data was isolated and siloed. This caused chaotic customer visibility for employees, and difficulty in implementing the kind of customer service Orbit desired to give it’s customers.

Orbit, with Lumen’s guidance decided to take a radically different approach to customer support and service. Lumen helped Orbit change it’s a culture, to that of teamwork, knowledge sharing and customer centric focus from employees. By understanding the business properly, Lumen was able to utilize Zoho in order to bring out the best within Orbit’s employees.

With a single dashboard to review all the important customer information, the automation of monotonous tasks and intelligent guided workflows developed by Lumen. Orbit account managers have everything they need to act as trusted advisors to the high value customers that Orbit maintains, helping Orbit in meaningful customer interactions. Helping Orbit to maintain and build long-term loyalty with it’s customers through complete visibility of their needs and requirements.

This is the real magic of what Lumen achieved. Lumen facilitated Orbit’s transformation that completely changed it’s method of servicing the customer and maintaining relationships with the customer as a direct result of this rapid implementation process.

“If you have a large customer, you must respond to him through IT fast and quick. In todays economy you don’t have time to twiddle your fingers. You have got to be on your feet and dedicated to the change and you must make it happen.”

– Mike Rennie CTO of Orbit Wellington

By going all in on Lumen’s implementation and technological recommendations, Orbit has completely reinvigorated their ability to interact with the customers in whichever medium they desire. Lumen created a complete modern omni-channel experience for the customers of Orbit. Allowing customers to engage with Orbit however they desire, raising the customer experience of Orbit to another level.

By centralizing customer information into one source of truth, Orbit is now able to ensure its employees present as one coherent team to customers across all touchpoints and channels. Being able to see all the details of customers interactions with Orbit enables it to deliver premiere customer experiences, through whichever medium they desire.

This approach allowed Orbit to create unparalleled transparency with their customers as well, allowing them to fully appreciate the value and service Orbit provides them. Deepening trust with their customers by having a completely transparent SLA with their customers. 

A big part of being a premiere brand is being entrusted with extremely sensitive data of many of it’s customers. Utilizing Lumen and Zoho’s technological expertise, Orbit has been enabled able to deliver on it’s customer data integrity requirements with ease. While being fully compatible with the company’s technology stack.  By entrusting it’s technological infrastructure, it unlocks Orbit to focus on it’s core business objectives without having to worry about the IT side of things. By structuring Orbit’s infrastructure this way, it allows data from different sources to talk to each other seamlessly, enabling Orbit to deliver critical projects faster.

This has saved Orbit both time and resources. As they no longer need to maintain their cumbersome on premises IT infrastructure, everything is now managed on the cloud with the highest levels of security that is available. Drastically reducing the total cost of ownership, while reducing time and energy spent focusing on it internally.

Sustainability is one of the core features that businesses, particularly Travel industries are tasked with developing. Orbit has been on the forefront of sustainability and takes great pride in this area. Orbit tasked Lumen to help them radically overhaul their environmental reporting and sustainability features.

Through Lumen’s bespoke development, Orbit has been enabled to become the forefront leader within the travel industry of sustainability. Orbit’s environmental reporting and sustainability has now become the best in standard worldwide. Through active carbon reporting, tracking and reporting, Orbit allows its customers to track and eliminate their carbon footprint, moving their customers and their business to a more sustainable future.

“We started in January, by the beginning of Feb we were live with helpdesk and CRM at the same time. With all of the API integrations to the booking systems and profile systems completed. And user training was done in that time.”

– Mike Rennie CTO of Orbit Wellington

Lumen and Zoho enabled Orbit to radically improve it’s business processes and customer experience supported by technology. Lumen did this monumental task, with a rapid implementation speed that is unparalleled. Lumen drastically reduced their cost of ownership, while automating large segments  of the business.

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