Effective Remote Working with Teams

What are the challenges of working remotely with a team? Anyone who works with a team experiences  some people who end up doing most of the work, and no one notices it (but them!).  This  issue is pervasive and very hard to resolve. The key is to understand what causes some in your team to be less … Read more

Two leading indicators you need to review your approach to Zoho Projects implementation

Check out our other blog post “Guide to implementing Zoho Projects” first. Time to implement and manage One question we get asked a lot is: “How much time should I spend on my Zoho Projects project management software implementation?” This is a tricky question, and there are two dimensions to it: Working on the project management … Read more

A guide to implementing Zoho Projects successfully 

Lumen Business Solutions’ guide to implementing Zoho Projects successfully If you are considering a Zoho Projects implementation, it’s mean you are already managing some projects. In many cases you’ll be transitioning from a spreadsheet, in some cases a timesheet, to Zoho Projects. So, what are some of the adjustments we’ve discovered and will share with you? … Read more

The Complete Guide to Zoho Project Management Software

What is Zoho Projects? Zoho Projects, is a project management software application which allows you to plan your projects, track work efficiently, and collaborate with your team, wherever they are. Key Features and why you should choose Zoho Projects as a project management software Task management Resources management Time tracking and timesheet Team collaboration Sub contractors collaboration … Read more

Two of leading indicators of failed Zoho project management implementation   

To ensure a successful project management software implementation with Zoho Projects, we reviewed some implementation failures. Over time we began to see an interesting pattern. Although there are many reasons for a failed project management software implementation, there were two reasons we thought it’s important to share.  Too Much Effort The main symptom was – it’s too much … Read more

Why You Need Zoho for Your Used Car Dealership CRM

There are 3 main CRM modules you will use in your dealership Email marketing, Leads management Onboarding cars management What is the difference between Zoho CRM for Car Dealerships and other purpose built Car Dealership CRMs? Zoho is a powerful all-purpose CRM which can be used by almost any industry in New Zealand. It is … Read more

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Launching a successful product with Zoho One and Zoho CRM

Over the years we have seen that, when companies launch new products, some of those products end up unsuccessful. The question becomes: “What makes a successful product or an unsuccessful product?”. We start by defining what is a successful new product. Most companies go with a objective definition of ROI by measuring sales volume, margin, … Read more