Zoho Sites

Build websites the way you want We help you focus on your passion. Whether it’s blogging, photography, business, or art—let your website do the talking. Stunning Templates! Create your website quick and easy by choosing from a collection of customizable templates

Zoho Commerce

Build your business with ecommerce Zoho Commerce contains all the tools you need to build a website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, and analyze your data.  Set up your own online store in just a few steps Lumen Business Solutions will help you enter the world of ecommerce in … Read more

Zoho Bookings

Online scheduler for offering the best consultations Zoho Bookings syncs your calendars while letting customers self-schedule and pay for appointments. Our user interface auto-customizes for your industry, meaning you feel right at home. Say hello to smart scheduling! Appointment Scheduling Reduce email back-and-forth Customers can check your availability online and book with you. Eliminate no-shows … Read more

Zoho Sales & Marketing CRM

The only Zoho partner with a proven track record of delivering customized solutions to clients, from government and enterprise to SMEs. We’re the experts of Zoho CRM, all our staff are Kiwis – we do not outsource overseas.

Zoho Social

The easiest way to manage your brands on social media Schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters, and create custom-reports to analyze your social media performance with Zoho Social. Effective social media activity can be a massive challenge for businesses.  Most businesses understand that they should be using social media but many are unsure about exactly how … Read more

Zoho Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software for faster business growth Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-in-one marketing automation software that helps you successfully manage your marketing activities across multiple channels. Generate more leads, convert them to customers, and retain them longer. Your marketing is in your control A single place to influence, educate, and engage your leads.

Zoho BigIn

Pipeline-centric CRM built and priced for small businesses With Bigin, small businesses can now manage their customer relationships more easily than ever. Whether you’re ready to move beyond spreadsheets or simply replace legacy sales tools, we are here to help you get started. Let’s Bigin? https://www.lumenbusiness.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/small-bussiness-crm.mp4 Engage Prospects Deploy web forms to capture your website … Read more

Zoho PageSense

Conversion Optimisation and Personalisation Platform Measure your key website metrics, understand your visitors’ online behavior, and give them a personalized website experience to boost conversions. Nail Those Critical Web Conversions Whether you want to understand what works on your website, why visitors behave a certain way, or what it takes to convert a visitor into … Read more