A guide to implementing Zoho Projects successfully 

Lumen Business Solutions’ guide to implementing Zoho Projects successfully If you are considering a Zoho Projects implementation, it’s mean you are already managing some projects. In many cases you’ll be transitioning from a spreadsheet, in some cases a timesheet, to Zoho Projects. So, what are some of the adjustments we’ve discovered and will share with you? … Read more

Launching a successful product with Zoho One and Zoho CRM

Over the years we have seen that, when companies launch new products, some of those products end up unsuccessful. The question becomes: “What makes a successful product or an unsuccessful product?”. We start by defining what is a successful new product. Most companies go with a objective definition of ROI by measuring sales volume, margin, … Read more

Cultivating initiative with high performance sales teams and utilising Zoho CRM

Unlike any other software implementation, a CRM implementation can fail structurally if not done correctly. It can also fail to live up to expectations if not utilised properly. At Lumen, we spend countless hours thinking about how to rectify these failures for our customers. One of the biggest questions we think people need to ask … Read more

The dark side to implementing a CRM

I mostly I write about the benefit of implementing Zoho CRM to business. In this article we will talk about the potential downsides from digitising your business. Everything comes with trade-off’s.  When it comes to technologies like Zoho, CRM is no different. The invention of watches and clocks gave us the benefits of much better planning … Read more

Business strategies, business plans and Zoho CRM

One of the more interesting contributors to business failure is inability to intellectualise business reality and market conditions. Intellectualisation of business reality is one of the key factors of a successful CEO without which, change will not made based on facts and reality. And that is a sure way to make mistakes and miss revenue. And the … Read more

Business Process vs Business Culture

Lumen CRM coaching

After so many Zoho CRM implementations we have seen many business successes and failures. Business culture in this context is how we sell, effective account management, and business & customer interaction. In principle, when the CRM needs to manage accounts and sales, the business culture dictates the business process. We, and our clients, expect us … Read more

Two key reasons why companies fail to utilize their CRM

Lumen CRM coaching

There are two key reason why companies fail to successfully utilise their CRM: Management does not utilise the CRM consistently Staff have an inherent personality disposition that is not suited for CRM usage There is nothing more exciting than to see a business use CRM successfully. Over the years we have seen many successes and … Read more