How Zoho CRM helps you zero-in on your ideal customer

Boosting sales with an automated Targeted Prospect list

Often the root cause of a sales team frustration with prospecting new customers is the quality of the data they have to start with.

Have you stopped to think if the people and companies that you are contacting match with your ideal customer profile? And when is the right time for your business to contact them?

This magical combination of contacting the right people at the right time is the source of prospecting success and if you be able to find it, you will not only increase the volume of sales in your business but will drastically reduce the cost of acquisition of these new customers.

Too often, however sales teams are prospecting from antiquated information. This is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack! So the question is how does your business provide your sales team with the information and data they need to succeed?

The first step of the process is to understand exactly what you are looking for – i.e. your ideal customer.

Take the example of a Pool Cleaning company, their ideal customer might look something like this:

  1. Customer has a pool
  2. That pool is an in-ground pool
  3. Customer resides in an affluent part of town as they are likely to have more disposable income to spend on your service

The best place to start looking for your ideal customer is to examine your current customers and look for traits that are common amongst them.

However, this information is not enough to achieve what we are looking for. We still have no idea about if they are ready to hear from your business. It might be difficult to promote your services to them if they have been using your competitor for a long period of time and have an established relationship with them. We are not saying that it is impossible to take business away from them, but it makes sense to go after the low hanging fruit first.

Suppose for a moment that you could have a list of people that not only fit the criteria above but that you knew that they only moved into their house within the last 3 months and therefore are unlikely to be using your competitor. You would now have an ideal person for you sales team to contact. You are now contacting the right people at the right time.

Now, the burning question is how can you get your hands on this information. The answer is that the information is already out there and it is free to access, however the issue is that it is changing fast and it resides on a multitude of different sources.

This is where the smarts come in to make this information not only available to your business but in a format that you can actually use it.

Lumen specializes in automating the aggregation of information that is unique to your business and making it seamlessly available throughout the Lumen Ecosystem.

So what does this mean for your business?

It means that when your sales team arrives to the office in the morning, they will be able to log into your customized CRM solution and be presented with not only your current prospect list but also a list of new, targeted prospect list that is sorted by priority to call.

So, if your business is facing a roadblock in finding new leads to promote your products/services to – then schedule a consultation with us to find out how we can serve your business with fresh leads.

How Zoho CRM combines with remarketing to close more sales

Stay close to your potential customers with Remarketing

Remarketing is a form of online targeted advertising where ads are placed people on the internet based on their previous browsing actions.

A simple example of remarketing would be if a person has visited your shopping cart on your website but did not end up making a purchase. As this user ended up on the road to making a purchase it makes sense that they are a target customer who is very close to being converted. After all, they know your business and they have told you which product they are interested in purchasing as well as signalling their purchasing intent by adding the item to your shopping cart.

Remarketing creates a number of new marketing possibilities that could help drive increased revenue and an improved return on investment from your online marketing budget.

While this type of technology has been around for quite a while it is still generally used to target B2C customers on for online stores.  The reason for this is that generally with B2B sales particularly ones with more complex sales cycles there is a lot more information that is required in order to determine not only who to target but when to target these people and what to say to them.  This information cannot be determined through your prospects activity on your website alone but will be a factor of the engagement of both your prospects online and offline integrations with your company and sales team.

So, the question for modern B2B sales teams is how is it possible to harness the obvious power of remarketing with the integration of knowledge gleaned through onsite meetings and telephone calls between your prospects and the sales team?

To help illustrate the awesome power of intelligent remarketing as part of the Lumen ecosystem we ask you to consider a couple of real life examples and hopefully this will get your mind working as to how you could apply this to your business.

Let’s say that an opportunity in your sales funnel was approaching the closing date, would it not be great if you could get a custom message to all of the decision makers associated with this opportunity? And have that message be in front of them no matter which website they visited?

Or let’s take another look at a longer sales process that involves a tender process. Imagine the possibilities if you could send a different message to all of the key parties during each stage of the tender process? This could include the understanding, submission and decision.

This can be done. And it can be done on autopilot.

All of this and much more is possible through Lumen’s remarketing solution as your offline interactions with your customers are the trigger for your completely targeted online marketing activities without your sales people needing to think.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about how remarketing can work for your business.

The 3 stages of driving customer referrals with Zoho CRM

Grow by being proactive with referrals

Most businesses know that the cheapest and easiest way to find new customers is by asking your existing customers.

For most businesses that we speak to however, this process centers around individual employees periodically contacting your customers to ask for these referrals.

Whilst this is most certainly better than nothing, like most things within the Lumen Ecosystem we think that there is a smarter way to do things.

We have developed a way to identify exactly when and how to ask your customers for a referral. Our referral generator is designed to achieve this and it works in three stages.

Stage 1

First we need to identify when the best time is to ask your customers for a referral. While this varies from business to business there are some fundamental principals. Two of them are:

  • When a prospect has said that they are not going to buy your product / service they may likely feel that they owe your business a favor for taking up your time. Imagine a situation whereby losing a deal means that you are given new leads to sell to!
  • When a person or company has been a customer for a certain period of time and they have just had a positive experience with your after sales or support teams. One of the ways customers like to say thank you at is to provide you with a referral.

Of course there are many more triggers that are specific to your business which may identify when a great moment is to ask for a referral but you get the point, you need a method to automatically identify when these moments that you define occur.

The trouble for most businesses that have a large number of customers is keeping track of these key points to ask for referrals which is sometimes a nightmare to manage.

However, with intelligent CRM integration you will be notified in your dashboard exactly which customers you need to reach out to ask for a referral.

Stage 2

Once you can dynamically identify the point to reach out to your customers for help, the next key consideration is that giving referrals is sometimes a pain for your customers. So, in order to ensure that you are extracting the maximum benefit out of this process, you need to consider designing a simple and painless way for your customer to help you.

Now, this will be different for every business and if simply being notified to contact your customer via telephone at the right time works for your business then this is great. For other businesses this will simply be impractical.

To solve this issue, Lumen can design automated correspondence to be sent to your customers whereby they can perform simple actions to give you the referrals that you are seeking with the minimum amount of disruption on their end.

These referrals can be fed back into the Lumen Ecosystem and allocated to the appropriate person to action.

Stage 3

It is important to reward customers that help you out. For this stage, let’s look at a simple example. Imagine that your business has just helped out a customer resolve a major issue that they were having in their business. Following this, an email was automatically sent out to this customer requesting a referral which they happily provided.

This seems like a fair transaction, doesn’t it? You have helped out your customer and they have said thank you by offering a warm introduction to another person or business for you to promote you products/service to.

For us, just fair is not enough. We want to have our customers go above and beyond for their customers which has positive flow on effects in many areas including customer retention.

So, as part of our service to help make your business streamlined we can arrange for your customer to be automatically thanked for their referral in a means that suits your business.

For some customers this is a simple thank you email or for others this is something more elaborate such as a corporate gift.

In order to reduce your cost of customer acquisition through a healthy supply of referrals from your customer base, you need to start thinking how to achieve this. You also need to consider the means to automate this process otherwise it may be too much of an investment and become counter productive.

We Are Zoho Certified

The Zoho seal of approval

If you are looking for an experienced CRM consultant, Zoho officially recommends our Principal Consultant Ilan Gross.

As Zoho states: ‘The Zoho CRM Certified Consultant program has selected partners who have demonstrated the skill and knowledge necessary to ensure that your CRM project is managed and implemented professionally and cost effectively. ‘

At Lumen you are in qualified (and recommended) hands.

The 2 major benefits of using content animations with Zoho CRM

Animated videos to connect with  your customers

As your business grows and you become increasingly reliant on your website to produce qualified leads for your sales funnel, you need to start looking for new ways to engage with your customers.

In order to achieve this goal, you are required to consistently produce high quality, relevant information to your visitors. At the same time, not all of your visitors will respond to words alone.

To help our customers achieve work within these parameters, we have developed an animation arm of the Lumen Ecosystem.

Our animation services allow you to:

  • Re-purpose the existing information on your website to engage and convert your visitors in a new and exciting way
  • Reach new prospects by being active in online channels such as Youtube

Our customers tell us that there is a third reason that they chose to take up this service. This is that it gave them the chance to present their important sales and educational material in a quick, clear and concise manner.

This is what most website visitors are looking for, so why not give them what they want?

For many businesses that we speak to, the reason that they have never explored this in the past has been that it has been both cost and time prohibitive to go through the process of putting together a video that:

  • Understands and summarizes the information that your customers want to hear
  • Scripting the information to be presented in the animation in a manner that presents well.
  • Sourcing or creating the correct graphics that not only add to the visual story that you are telling but also are consistent with your businesses image and branding
  • Composing the animation in a manner that is engaging and also allows a complex message to be delivered quickly and conveniently to your audience
  • Voice narration of the animation to add an audio element to the visual story that you are telling
  • Correctly submitting and tagging the completed video to numerous sites so that it can have the maximum traffic benefit for your business
  • Intelligently synchronizing your new animation with the rest of your marketing efforts, specifically with your email marketing automation.

To assist our customers, Lumen has streamlined this entire process to allow for your business to enjoy many of the benefits discussed above within a 4-5 day turn around.

The final result is a cost effective video asset that will effectively engage customers, drive traffic trough your sales funnel, and are produced quickly.