Moving you along with expert data migration

The lost and essential art of data migration and cleaning In our experience, data migration and data cleaning often involves a huge amount of manual work. As a result these projects end up being expensive and time consuming. Most of this is because people don’t really know how to correctly use technology to enrich, clean, … Read more

Together we can unleash Excel

How we can help your company utilize the full power of Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel has proven its foundational importance within business financial management since 1985. Its functionality as a tool for financial analysis and data management is widely known. What is often lesser understood is the integrative potential of this platform with cutting edge … Read more

SEO training: Executive & Hands On – Part 3 of 3

In our final post outlining our SEO services we turn our focus to our ‘Hands On SEO’ training. ‘Hands On SEO’ is all about equipping the SEO implementers with the skills they need to do their job. Our training will mean that the relevant staff will be able to work on a websites SEO week in, … Read more

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SEO training: Executive & Hands On – Part 2 of 3

Continuing our series outlining our SEO services we elaborate on our ‘Executive SEO’ training. In this training path we want to equip executives with the relevant knowledge to use SEO in their strategic decision making, and to evaluate SEO application. Our aim is also to prevent executives making some of the SEO mistakes we see … Read more

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SEO training: Executive & Hands On – Part 1 of 3

We train people to become practically competent for SEO using two training paths – ‘Executive’ and ‘Hands-On’. In our earlier post about the current state of SEO we outlined how changes in search engine algorithms have dramatically shifted the SEO goal posts. If that post covered some of the ‘what?’ of SEO, this post will … Read more

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CRM: From a chance of success to proactively creating opportunities

The journey from being responders to actively driving change The business environment has changed dramatically over the last few of decades.  In many ways businesses have been given the ability to be much more competitive. Businesses now have more tools to use to differentiate their service from their competitors.  However many companies are yet to … Read more

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Is SEO now a DIY job, or still one for consultants?

What SEO tasks, by necessity, should to be done yourself and what should be done by consultants? Search engines such as Google And Yahoo have been around for nearly two decades – during that time they have made dramatic improvements in the algorithms that produce search results.  Many of these changes have been with the aim of … Read more

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Getting your CRM and KPIs to work together

Key symptoms of a failing CRM system – and how a certain KPI contributes Is there a key symptom of a failing CRM? One that leads to an under performing sales team? The question above is one we get asked time and time again, and after years of installing and driving CRM systems we see … Read more

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