CRM: From a chance of success to proactively creating opportunities

The journey from being responders to actively driving change The business environment has changed dramatically over the last few of decades.  In many ways businesses have been given the ability to be much more competitive. Businesses now have more tools to use to differentiate their service from their competitors.  However many companies are yet to … Read more

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Getting your CRM and KPIs to work together

Key symptoms of a failing CRM system – and how a certain KPI contributes Is there a key symptom of a failing CRM? One that leads to an under performing sales team? The question above is one we get asked time and time again, and after years of installing and driving CRM systems we see … Read more

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How to Improve Customer Retention with CRM

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CRM to keep your customers happy Does your business know when your customers are at risk to being stolen by your competitors? Or do you simply leave it to chance? We often pose this question to businesses. Their first answer usually is “Of course I do, our customers have a great relationship with our business!”. … Read more