Zoho apps to help you work from home

The Zoho One suite is a great way to run your business remotely, due to COVID-19 work from home rules, or as a lifestyle choice. We’ll show you how to work smarter not harder. How to use Zoho apps to work from home As I write this, New Zealand has gone back into lockdown 2.0, … Read more

How Zoho CRM helps you zero-in on your ideal customer

automated target prospect list

Boosting sales with an automated Targeted Prospect list Often the root cause of a sales team frustration with prospecting new customers is the quality of the data they have to start with. Have you stopped to think if the people and companies that you are contacting match with your ideal customer profile? And when is … Read more

How Zoho CRM combines with remarketing to close more sales

lumen remarketing

Stay close to your potential customers with Remarketing Remarketing is a form of online targeted advertising where ads are placed people on the internet based on their previous browsing actions. A simple example of remarketing would be if a person has visited your shopping cart on your website but did not end up making a … Read more

The 3 stages of driving customer referrals with Zoho CRM

crm referral

Grow by being proactive with referrals Most businesses know that the cheapest and easiest way to find new customers is by asking your existing customers. For most businesses that we speak to however, this process centers around individual employees periodically contacting your customers to ask for these referrals. Whilst this is most certainly better than … Read more

We Are Zoho Certified

lumen zoho crm certified

The Zoho seal of approval If you are looking for an experienced CRM consultant, Zoho officially recommends our Principal Consultant Ilan Gross. As Zoho states: ‘The Zoho CRM Certified Consultant program has selected partners who have demonstrated the skill and knowledge necessary to ensure that your CRM project is managed and implemented professionally and cost … Read more

The 2 major benefits of using content animations with Zoho CRM

lumen animations

Animated videos to connect with  your customers As your business grows and you become increasingly reliant on your website to produce qualified leads for your sales funnel, you need to start looking for new ways to engage with your customers. In order to achieve this goal, you are required to consistently produce high quality, relevant … Read more