The 2 major benefits of using content animations with Zoho CRM

Animated videos to connect with  your customers

As your business grows and you become increasingly reliant on your website to produce qualified leads for your sales funnel, you need to start looking for new ways to engage with your customers.

In order to achieve this goal, you are required to consistently produce high quality, relevant information to your visitors. At the same time, not all of your visitors will respond to words alone.

To help our customers achieve work within these parameters, we have developed an animation arm of the Lumen Ecosystem.

Our animation services allow you to:

  • Re-purpose the existing information on your website to engage and convert your visitors in a new and exciting way
  • Reach new prospects by being active in online channels such as Youtube

Our customers tell us that there is a third reason that they chose to take up this service. This is that it gave them the chance to present their important sales and educational material in a quick, clear and concise manner.

This is what most website visitors are looking for, so why not give them what they want?

For many businesses that we speak to, the reason that they have never explored this in the past has been that it has been both cost and time prohibitive to go through the process of putting together a video that:

  • Understands and summarizes the information that your customers want to hear
  • Scripting the information to be presented in the animation in a manner that presents well.
  • Sourcing or creating the correct graphics that not only add to the visual story that you are telling but also are consistent with your businesses image and branding
  • Composing the animation in a manner that is engaging and also allows a complex message to be delivered quickly and conveniently to your audience
  • Voice narration of the animation to add an audio element to the visual story that you are telling
  • Correctly submitting and tagging the completed video to numerous sites so that it can have the maximum traffic benefit for your business
  • Intelligently synchronizing your new animation with the rest of your marketing efforts, specifically with your email marketing automation.

To assist our customers, Lumen has streamlined this entire process to allow for your business to enjoy many of the benefits discussed above within a 4-5 day turn around.

The final result is a cost effective video asset that will effectively engage customers, drive traffic trough your sales funnel, and are produced quickly.

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