How CRM & Marketing Automation can drive up business value

Your CRM and Marketing Automation can increase your business’s value upon resale

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to sell your business in the near future, most business owners and directors are focusing their activities on driving up the value of their business. 

Most of these efforts will be focused on growing the value of their business by either a) reducing overheads, or b) increasing profitability.

During the industrial revolution, business efficiencies dramatically increases due to the use of machines to automate tasks.  Two hundred years later another revolution looms.  This time the dramatic increases in efficiency will not be from physical machines, by t from cloud based software.

By using software such as Zoho CRM, businesses are able to automate many ares of their business, from lead generation and customer acquisition through to support and customer retention.

Only recently have businesses started to realize that these solutions using these solutions is only the first step in revolutionizing their business operations. The real value is realized when business apply sharp strategic throughout in the configuration and application of these solution.  This step is what Lumen specializes in.  Think of it this way: just because you have a Formula 1 car, does not mean you are able to drive that car well.

Imagine a situation where you are speaking to a prospective purchaser of your business whereby you could explain:

  1. You have an outsourced telemarketing team producing new leads for your business costing $X/month.  Based on historical information the amount of new leads they find produces $Y/month.  In this scenario all the business would have to do is increase the value of $X and $Y would increase proportionately.
  2. You business has collected a large number of email addresses of potential prospects and relevant information is sent out to them telling them what they want to hear when they want to hear it.  This is done through an automated process.
  3. Unlike traditional website which are a one way street giving information to your visitors, your website has been transformed into a powerful information gathering tool which helps you learn about your customers.  This let’s your prospects tell you what their hot spots are and when they are ready for your sales team to contact them without having to do anything.
  4. Each member of your team is presented with information that they need to carry out their functions quickly and efficiently and they won’t feel like ‘big brother’ is watching them which has a positive effect on uptake of your CRM solution.
  5. You online advertising is no longer targeted towards certain keywords, instead you are significantly boosting your return on investment by targeting specific people and companies with your advertising, and by targeting them at a time when they are most receptive.
  6. You can identify your existing customers that are at risk of being lost to your competitors.  This is done when you can still do something about it, not when it is too late.

This would all be music to the ears of someone evaluating a business for purchase.  The best part is that this sort of intelligent automation has until now been out of reach from small to medium size businesses.  Previously these have only been available to massive organisations as such systems came with a price tag in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  However, through advances in technology and savvy execution from Lumen, the service is now available for businesses of all sizes.

To find out more about how Lumen’s services can drive productivity gains and revenue growth at a  realistic price point click here.  We can give you a free demo of how we can increase the value of your business the boosting business performance.