Which camp do you fall into when it comes to document management?

Making your documents work for you

If your business has a lot of documents flowing between various parties – requiring approvals and further actions to be undertaken you will understand that this can quickly become a nightmare to manage.

Documents may not always follow the correct approvals resulting in costly mistakes. Alternatively they may sit unnoticed waiting for actions to be taken with important deadlines being missed.

Chances are that if document management is an issue for your business, you are in one of two camps:

Camp 1

You have developed a bespoke system to suit your business by tacking together multiple software which may work the majority of the time, but – if you really examine it, it relies completely on good communication between the people of your organization. As a result you constantly need to be looking over your shoulder.

Although this system was able to support your business until now. it is not an automated solution that you can rely on and that can grow with you.

Camp 2

Camp 2 is where members of Camp 1 inevitably end up at.

Due to scalability issues, as your business continues to grow, your current system is starting to fail and you have started to look for a more robust solution but you may be surprised at the exorbitant asking prices from some of the vendors.

So now you are faced with a choice, do you take the plunge and invest in a commercial solution or do you persevere with your current solution and keep putting band aid fixes to accommodate your growing requirements?

Over time, Lumen business has met with many businesses facing the same challenges. As a result we have added to our Lumen Ecosystem a document management solution. This is targeted to service businesses with document issues that are beyond their own capabilities to deal with but do not require the big boys in town to be engaged.

With our solutions, you will be able to:

  • Maintain full visibility of document versions and revisions
  • Build a customized document approval process that matches your business requirement
  • Have the right people receive notifications when they are required to perform and action with the document such as review or approve

Our difference is that our solution will be completely automated and one you can rely on rather than have to constantly second guess to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This allows your business to focus on more productive and revenue generating areas.

Like all parts of the Lumen Ecosystem this is designed to turn your business into a scalable, automated business unit.