3 easy steps to save time by automating unessential calls

Freedom with unessential call outsourcing

Have you ever stopped to think about what phone calls are essential to your business?

When we pose this question to our customers we are usually met with a bewildered look.

Most businesses assume that every call they make is important to business.

Whilst this reaction is completely justified – once we delve deeper we can see it is more complex than that.

Grouping the incoming and outgoing calls is one way that you can gain insights into the impact of each of these groups of calls.

By doing this you will see that many of the calls are variations of the same call over and over again – with only minor details changing. While there are some detailed calls that need to be handled by an experienced staff members – most of the calls do not.

So this got us to thinking – if we can clearly categorize essential and non-essential calls then surely there must be a better way of handling these calls. This is what lead us to introducing the unessential call outsourcing service that we provide.

This unessential call outsourcing service is broken down into a few steps as follows:

Stage 1

First, we identify the categories of non-essential calls as well as the information required to manage these calls well. This stage is usually achieved through consultation with us.

Stage 2

We then organize the information into a usable format within your company CRM. An example of this would be if the customer was inquiring about the outstanding balance of their account, the user would require quick and accurate access to this information

Stage 3

Third we would build the scripting engine. What this means is that we will design a system that will show exactly word for word what your outsourced team will need to say in response to a specific inbound or outbound call.

This has two key benefits to your business. First, it ensures that the way in which your customers are interacted with on behalf of your business. Secondly it means that training and development of your outsourced support staff is largely automated so therefore you never have to fear turnover or downtime of your outsourced support staff where your customers’ requirements are not being met by your business.

The best part of approaching this issue this way is not only does it free up your local resources to focus on more productive tasks but it is completely scalable as your business grows. As a result you are only required to invest in the resources needed at that particular time

It also fits perfectly with our core goal of building a scalable automated business for our customers.