SEO training: Executive & Hands On – Part 3 of 3

In our final post outlining our SEO services we turn our focus to our ‘Hands On SEO’ training.

‘Hands On SEO’ is all about equipping the SEO implementers with the skills they need to do their job. Our training will mean that the relevant staff will be able to work on a websites SEO week in, week out.

There is some overlap with the ‘Executive SEO training in that both groups need to understand the fundamentals, strategy,  and tools, but the ‘Hands On SEO’ training goes much more in depth with the technical execution of these principals.

Goals of Hands On SEO

By the end of the training we aim for implementers to be able to:

  • Use the tools of the SEO trade – especially for performance measurement.
  • Contribute meaningfully to SEO strategy development.
  • Be competent in the technical aspects of SEO (onpage and offpage).
  • Be able to develop useful content for their website that is useful for both their customers and SEO.
  • Have developed an increased synchronisation and collaboration with sales staff.

Hands On SEO –  meeting 1 of 4

 Meeting one of the ‘Hands On SEO’ training begins with a run through of all the relevant tools we will use with out SEO efforts.

Once you have a solid understanding of these we then put them to work and audit your current website.

Hands On SEO –  meeting 2 of 4

The second meeting focusses on SEO strategy.  This is an aspect that also gets taught on the Executive path, but it is important that implementers can support in SEO planning and also understand SEO strategy enough to be able to put their work in context.

Strategy is arguably the most important step in SEO.  It is also probably the hardest step because it does not involve mindless busy work, instead it involves rigorous thinking.  To do it in the most effective way businesses will ask (and answer) some tough questions about the businesses sales cycle.

Hands On SEO –  meeting 3 of 4

In this meeting we roll up our sleeves up and get into the onsite SEO.

When we say ‘onsite SEO’ we are talking about everything that can be done on you website ( to improve SEO.

Hands On SEO –  meeting 4 of 4

After Onsite SEO has been covered we then teach you how to strengthen your offpage SEO. As the name suggets, this concerns everything that can be done outside of your website that will improve SEO.

This is first done through demonstration  how linkages work and the do’s and don’t’s of building them.

The balance of meeting 4 is used to review everything covered and to allow you to run any specific questions by us. By spending time on your business-specific questions we hope that after meeting four you will be able to hit the ground running.

Where to from here

At this point both your executives and implementers will have the skills they need to carry out the heavy lifting when it comes SEO.

They will still need more experience to become SEO experts, and there may be times when more help is needed (for instance if a highly technical challenge comes up) – but for the most part you can begin to move forward armed with the right tools and perspective.

As mentioned in the first post in this series, we see the ideal set up as a hybrid between outsourcing to a SEO consultant and using an in-house team. We are happy to  discuss with you where along this spectrum is ideal for you.

Our aim is for your business to have a sense of independence and self reliance, with our job being  to teach and guide you in ways you can use technology to improve you business performance.

If you are interested in finding out how your business can use SEO to enhance its sales cycle  then contact us for a free consultation.