Zoho Writer

Powerful Writer Powerful Words We believe in the power of words. That’s why we’ve created Writer, a powerful word processor available across all of your devices. Collaborate with teammates in real-time. Create elegant, inspiring documents for free. For every process. Write across devices Maya Angelou wrote in hotel rooms. Sir Walter Scott wrote a famous … Read more

Zoho Show

Collaborative presentation software for modern teams Design professional slides, collaborate with your team, and deliver visually engaging presentations anytime, anywhere on any device.

Zoho Sheet

The spreadsheet software for collaborative teams Create, edit and share spreadsheets online, using Zoho Sheet, for free. Insights in an instant With Zia in Zoho Sheet, sit back and watch your data come alive as automated charts and pivot tables. Learn more Error-free data Get rid of duplicate values, correct data inconsistencies, and fill random … Read more

Zoho Calendar

Online calendar for your business, to keep teams organized Zoho Calendar is an online business calendar that makes scheduling easy for you. You can use it to stay on top of your schedule and also share calendars with your team to keep everyone on the same page. Streamline your team events with Zoho Calendar Create … Read more

Zoho ZeptoMail

Transactional Email Service: Guaranteed and instant delivery Your transactional emails carry crucial information. ZeptoMail is a reliable and secure service that delivers these all-important emails instantly. With high-speed delivery and great inbox placement, ZeptoMail means you no longer keep your customers waiting. What is a transactional email? Transactional emails are unique, automated emails that are … Read more

Zoho TeamInbox

Shared inboxes for effortless team collaboration Create common inboxes for your teams and give them the comfort of working in a transparent workspace. A unified inbox for your entire team Stay informed on what’s happening in your team all the time. Connect your team’s email addresses to shared inboxes so each conversation is visible to … Read more

Zoho Notebook

The most beautiful note taking app across devices. Share and collaborate Safely and securely share your notes with friends and co-workers. Share notes and collaborate securely with the people you trust—and only them. Note. The Cards. Different types of notes should be treated differently. Each Note Card type is designed to complement the type of … Read more

Zoho WorkDrive

Online file management for teams that work together In the world of remote working, transform the way your team works together—give them a secure, shared workspace, so their ideas have a home from conception to realization. Create, collaborate, and make teamwork happen. https://www.lumenbusiness.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/workdrive-bnr-video.mp4 Create. Edit. Share Zoho Office Suite Shape your ideas together. Brainstorm with … Read more

Zoho Cliq

Streamline your team communication to move work forward Zoho Cliq simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, information that’s easy to find and by connecting to the tools you love. Why use separate apps like Slack, when you can fully integrate with your business operating system? Bring people, actions, and everything else that matters, together … Read more