Business Process vs Business Culture

Lumen CRM coaching

After so many Zoho CRM implementations we have seen many business successes and failures. Business culture in this context is how we sell, effective account management, and business & customer interaction. In principle, when the CRM needs to manage accounts and sales, the business culture dictates the business process. We, and our clients, expect us … Read more

High Performance Websites

Websites with sales superpowers Most businesses massively underutilize their website. Too many websites are static digital brochures, and not the dynamic sales machines they can be. Our multi-disciplinary team can turn your website into a powerful online selling tool.  Call us to find out more Why choose a High Performance Website Unlock your business’s potential … Read more

Data Migration

Data Migration Overview Data Cleaning and Data Migration is the final piece of the big 4 in our Intelligent Automation for businesses, arguably the most important and hardest to do effectively. While many claim they are able to do this effectively, very few are able to do it as effectively and to Lumens standards. Implementation … Read more

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation with Lumen

Intelligent Automation Intelligent Automation with Lumen Lumen takes pride in delivering the best results for our customers business and software needs over the many years we have been in business. ‘Intelligent Automation’ is Lumen’s umbrella term for a few fundamental business principles and technologies that we have put together to achieve significant business results for … Read more


API - Application Programming Interface

API – Application Programming Interface What is an API? The digital transformation has created an ecosystem where most businesses can use from about 12 to over 40+ cloud and local applications in their operations. This has created a situation where data that you have in your organization that need in many different locations and independent … Read more


Business Process Management with Lumen

BPM – Business Process Management What is BPM? Business Process Management(BPM) is Lumen’s holistic strategic approach to reshaping existing business processes to achieve better efficiency, productivity and consistency for our customers. We want the very best outcomes for our customers, we use the very best tools available to achieve the best possible results with over … Read more


RPA, Robotic Process Automation.

RPA -Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is what allows Lumen to develop scripts that automate traditional business operations that would normally have to be manually done via data entry or data retrieval by hand, using the user interface of any application that you are using. This helps Lumen’s customers automate tasks that would … Read more

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning Make your data meaningful Managing data is simultaneously one of the most essential tasks for any business as well as one of the most laborious. It requires a large amount of manual work. It’s time consuming and expensive to carry out. As well as this, due to the rapidly changing nature of business, … Read more

Business Intelligence

Lumen Business Intelligence and Analytics

Knowledge is power Be powerful Lumen Business Intelligence & Analytics Business intelligence is a set of techniques and tools that uses data to gain meaningful insights into how your business is functioning. With this knowledge, new business opportunities can be identified and exploited. The techniques and tools that we apply include analytics, data mining complex … Read more