How Zoho CRM combines with remarketing to close more sales

Stay close to your potential customers with Remarketing

Remarketing is a form of online targeted advertising where ads are placed people on the internet based on their previous browsing actions.

A simple example of remarketing would be if a person has visited your shopping cart on your website but did not end up making a purchase. As this user ended up on the road to making a purchase it makes sense that they are a target customer who is very close to being converted. After all, they know your business and they have told you which product they are interested in purchasing as well as signalling their purchasing intent by adding the item to your shopping cart.

Remarketing creates a number of new marketing possibilities that could help drive increased revenue and an improved return on investment from your online marketing budget.

While this type of technology has been around for quite a while it is still generally used to target B2C customers on for online stores.  The reason for this is that generally with B2B sales particularly ones with more complex sales cycles there is a lot more information that is required in order to determine not only who to target but when to target these people and what to say to them.  This information cannot be determined through your prospects activity on your website alone but will be a factor of the engagement of both your prospects online and offline integrations with your company and sales team.

So, the question for modern B2B sales teams is how is it possible to harness the obvious power of remarketing with the integration of knowledge gleaned through onsite meetings and telephone calls between your prospects and the sales team?

To help illustrate the awesome power of intelligent remarketing as part of the Lumen ecosystem we ask you to consider a couple of real life examples and hopefully this will get your mind working as to how you could apply this to your business.

Let’s say that an opportunity in your sales funnel was approaching the closing date, would it not be great if you could get a custom message to all of the decision makers associated with this opportunity? And have that message be in front of them no matter which website they visited?

Or let’s take another look at a longer sales process that involves a tender process. Imagine the possibilities if you could send a different message to all of the key parties during each stage of the tender process? This could include the understanding, submission and decision.

This can be done. And it can be done on autopilot.

All of this and much more is possible through Lumen’s remarketing solution as your offline interactions with your customers are the trigger for your completely targeted online marketing activities without your sales people needing to think.

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