Dynamics NAV / Navision to Zoho CRM Integration by Lumen

Dynamics NAV / Navision to Zoho CRM Integration by Lumen

Navision has been known by different names over time

From Microsoft Navision Financials to Dynamics NAV, and now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Navision Logos

However you prefer to describe the software formerly known as Navision, Lumen will assist you with integrating your existing data with Zoho CRM.  

This allows for sharing and passing of important information, that can be used by your sales team to effectively manager your customers

Ability to manage a sales process is limited in stand-alone accounting software.  

By using Zoho CRM, you have access to the full features of the CRM Plus Bundle or Zoho One Account

Zoho Product Suite

Account Sync

Sync customer accounts in Navision to Zoho CRM

The integration can either push all data through or can be customised

Customer Account in Navision
Customer Account in Zoho CRM
Customer Contact List in Navision
Customer Contact List in Zoho CRM

Contact Sync

All listed contacts for the customer account can be synced to Zoho CRM in real-time

Customer Cards

Seamlessly sync all information including custom fields

Out of date information can be managed by the sales team and this information is pushed back and updated to Navision

Quote in Navision
Quote in Zoho CRM
Product Item List in Navision
Product Item List in Zoho
Product Item in Navision
Product Item in Zoho

Product Item Sync

Sync all product items in Navision to Zoho

This is important for invoices and quotes, as the item codes and descriptions with need to match

Product Item list can also push through how many items are in stock, what is on backorder and what quantity is on purchase order from your supplier


Sales team can quickly see quantities and add items info into correspondence and leads

Quote Sync

Push Quotes from Navision across to Zoho CRM

These quotes are then attached to the customer account and the lead generation process can be created and triggered

Manage customers with automated quote follow-up email campaigns designed to close deals quickly

Customer Cards in Navision
Customer Cards in Zoho CRM

Sales teams can create Trigger and Action blueprints so you never miss a follow-up!

Invoices in Navision
Invoices in Zoho

Invoice Sync

Push invoices from Navision across to Zoho CRM.  These are attached to customer accounts

View the status of an invoice

See if quotes have been converted to invoices and products shipped


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