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As premier New Zealand Zoho CRM consultants with over 25 years of experience, we have seen it all. We have helped hundreds of New Zealand businesses improve their performance with Zoho CRM. Working with us comes with the security and peace of mind that we have been officially approved by Zoho. With us, you are in safe hands.

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How we help you

As certified Zoho CRM consultants we help you analyze what your needs are, customize a solution, and implement your Zoho CRM system, and integrate it with the other Zoho or third party apps you need to be connected to. Once your Zoho CRM system is set up, our consultants offer coaching, training, and support to make sure Zoho CRM works for you.

Analysis & assessment

Our certified Zoho CRM consultants will explore what your specific needs are and how your business process works. Next we will prototype your unique implementation and build a clear roadmap of how we plan to make Zoho CRM work for you.

Express integration & implementation

Implementation can be a huge challenge if you are a novice. With our decades of experience we have almost certainly helped a client just like you. Once Zoho CRM is up and running, we will connect it with the relevant 45+ Zoho applications that suit your needs. As well as this we make your Zoho ecosystem connect to your other third party apps (ERP, inventory etc.). With multiple apps ‘talking’ to each other your Zoho CRM system will be a smooth running machine.

Coaching, training, & support

Any tool is only as good as the people using it. Once we have build your Zoho system we can then work with your entire team and teach them how to make the best use of it. We help everyone from executives to front line salespeople make the most out of the powerful tool they now have at their fingertips. You will have our certified Zoho CRM consultants with you every step of the way.

Get started with Zoho CRM with certified consultants

The best way to get started with Zoho CRM is to have a certified consultant help you with the process. We have helped over 770 businesses use this powerful app to empower their business. To find out more about how we can help you, click the link below now.

Why we use Zoho CRM

For a large portion of the solutions we build Zoho plays a significant role. Over the decade or so that we’ve used Zoho, we’ve found that it strikes the right balance between performance and economy. Zoho CRM especially can be a keystone piece of software for a business. It is a powerful tool that opens up a vast array of performance improvements for a business. After successful implementation, the 45+ other apps that Zoho offers can multiply the effectiveness of Zoho CRM. As Zoho CRM Certified Consultants we can help you use Zoho CRM to build a strong foundation for your software ecosystem.

What to look for in a New Zealand Zoho CRM consultant

Choosing what piece of software to use can be a tough decision to make for any company. The same can be said for choosing a consultant to help you with the implementation. Over the years we’ve learned what things clients need to consider when choosing what Zoho CRM consultant is right for them. One of the most important considerations is experience. Along with the many possibilities that Zoho brings comes many chances to do this wrong. Our consultants have the benefit of having faced (and overcome) almost every problem imaginable. To learn more about how to choose a certified Zoho CRM consultant in New Zealand click the link below.

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