Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms are make it easy to collect information

Zoho Forms © is an intuitive software that allows you to create digital forms using a simple drag and drop interface.  This means you can create forms that easily collect the information you require from your customers in a secure and pain-free way.

Almost any form can be created with Zoho Forms ©  – from a standard ‘Contact Us’ form on your website, to detailed patient tracking forms, complete with digital signature.

To make the process even easier Zoho Forms © provides a wide rang of template forms.  You can either use them as they are, or add/remove aspects to customize them.

A wide range of templates are available, and include forms tailor-made made for businesses, construction companies, medical services, e-commerce websites, education providers, non-profit organizations, and human resources managers. Themes can also be customized to be consistent with your company’s unique brand.

Like many Zoho products, Zoho Forms © can be easily integrated with a wide range other software’s.  These include

§  MailChimp

§  Google Docs

§  Zoho Support

§  Zoho CRM

§  Zoho Sheet

§  Zoho Campaigns

With Zoho Forms © users can also get real-time feedback as to how forms are performing.  The software provides up to date analytics on a range of interactions (views, entries etc.).  All of these data groups can be accessed via smartphones and other handheld devices.  This means that analysis and evaluation can happen when your team is out and about.

This Zoho product is ideal for mobile workforces.  Team members can assign tasks, share reports and collaborate directly from their mobile devices.

It is especially useful for mobile sales teams who out and about interaction with potential leads and who old have a few windows in which to collect the necessary information to go from an introduction to a next meeting.

Its ease of use and flexibility also means that Zoho Forms © is suitable for employees with a wide range of skill levels.  This usability also means more independence.

Ultimately Zoho Forms © makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect information where you want, on the devices you want, and allows you to make use of that information wherever you need.

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